This "5 and Dime" interview was conducted on the phone with lead vocalist Cisco Adler on January 5, 2006.

Cisco, tell me everything I need to know about your band Whitestarr.

Whitestarr is a basic, dirty and sexy rock and roll band. Rainbow Jeremy, a crazy man, is on lead guitar. He's an impresario. Alex Orbison is our drummer, and he's ridiculous behind the drum kit. Damon Webb is on bass, and I sing. That's it musically, and we have a guy named Tony Potato dancing.
Tell me about your upcoming CD and its musical statement.

Don't wait for the CD, we have an EP available at our website, www.whitestarr.com, our Myspace page, and at Contango Records. In April, we'll have our first full-length record released. As far as a musical statement, we want to bring it back to when music was fun and danceable. It's not that we want to be a throwback, we're just tired of everything down-trodden and moody. I produced the record for the indie label, it's already moving and the buzz is going. We tried with Atlantic Records using a top-echelon producer. We made a hyped record and nothing came out. After four years we're doing it ourselves, just when people thought we were a fly-by-night based on our last names.

What are your touring plans for 2006?

We played New Year's Eve in Miami, and it was ridiculous. We took it over. Now in 2006, we want to drop in to every city and take them over. We're looking to slot a national tour under someone good. Whitestarr's gearing back up, and we'll probably start to tour before the record breaks.

What should your existing fans expect from you musically in 2006?

We've heard talk of a TV show, and we have plenty of stuff for a DVD. It'll be a four year Behind the Music, with all the ups and downs.

Feel free to promote your website, Myspace page, or anything else that applies.

Our website is www.whitestarr.com and our Myspace page is www.myspace.com/whitestarr. Some of the guys have individual Myspace pages. We have tons of merchandise that we're ready to sell at those websites. Lots of press info can be found at our label's website, www.contangorecords.com.

This interview section was named "5 and Dime" as a tribute to Dimebag Darrell. The final question is used as a way to keep the memory of Dimebag alive and in our thoughts at all times. Please share a personal story about Dimebag. If you didn't know him personally, share your thoughts on his influence as a guitar player or your thoughts on his tragic death.

I remember driving to school with older kids who got me into Pantera. I'm sure our guitarist, Rainbow Jeremy, would list him as an influence. His death was tragic, and I don't want to make light of it but here's a funny story. I was with Tony Potato when it happened. He said that if somebody's going to shoot Dime, imagine what they'll do in Germany to the funny dancer. He thinks he'll be the first one from our band to get shot. He'll take the bullet for us, and the band will keep playing through the melee.

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