Trash Light Vision

Introduce yourself, your bandmates and tell me about Trash Light Vision's sound.

Well most people say that we are a cross between Guns and Roses and The Ramones. Seeing as those are two of my favorite bands, that would make sense. I'm Acey Slade, and I sing and play guitar. Steve Haley is on guitar, Roger Segal is on bass, and Lenny Thomas is our drummer.

Tell me about your band's current EP, where we can hear it, and where we can buy it. Also, what's the latest on your upcoming debut album, "Alibis and Ammunition"?

You can preview and download the entire EP on line at our web-site and you can purchase it there as well. Basically, my attitude is that until we had a quality recorded album with cool-ass packaging, I would give people the option to take it for free or buy one of the limited edition CDs. There are only 1,000 pressed. "Alibis and Ammunition" is the quality recorded album with cool packaging that I spoke about before. It's almost complete, just some vocals and mixing that needs to be done. We recorded it while on tour mostly. Some in England, some in New Hampshire, some in Philly. I am so fuckin' excited about this thing. While most bands coming out are either Scream-o or Old School Thrash...well then there is all this 'Garage' crap out there. I will be proud to put out maybe one of the only 'Rock' or 'Punk Rock' albums of the year.

Tell me about any upcoming live performances scheduled for this summer.

We just got off tour with Michael Graves of the Misfits and are taking a little break from touring to finish the record, get the artwork together, and prepair to tour the rest of the year. We will be doing a show in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Aug. 6 and also at Snitch in N.Y.C. on August 4. We tour pretty frequently, so I hope people get to check us out. All the dates are also on the web-site,

What does your band have in store for your fans in the next 12 months?

A fuckin' awesome album-just a bad-ass cock-rock, sleazy punk record. A mad live show so touring, touring, touring.

Feel free to promote your website, your page, your merch, your video or anything else you'd like that applies to your band.

I've pimped the website pretty well I think, ha,ha..feel free to download the song, check out the video, the only thing we ask is that you make it out to one of our shows! We do have a my-space page too.

Please share your thoughts on Dimebag Darrell.

If you have seen any of the videos you already know what a friendly, outgoing guy he was. I think sometimes his huge personality and amazing lead playing overshadowed the fact that he was a great songwriter. He had some very cool twists to his rhythm playing as well.