Rocky Nash

Introduce yourself, your bandmates and tell me about your sound.

I'm Rocky Nash, better known as a morning show jock on rock stations in southern California (formerly KKXX Real Rock 93.1, currently KRAB Radio 106.1) I sing lead vocals and write most of the lyrics for our band. Preston Nash is my husband, better known for his drums with Dope, Primer 55, The Color Red, and Society 1; and as producer of "The Puck Show" on KGEO in southern California. He writes some of the lyrics, plays guitar and writes the songs with our other guitarist, Chad. Chad Heimbach plays lead guitar, co-writes music/lyrics, and is better known as my ex-husband. All of what has been presented by "Rocky Na$h" thus far has come from the three of us. We have enlisted bassist Mike Montano (a founding member of Adema) for live gigs, along with Cesario from Karma Hit List on drums. Together, we sound like Joan Jett banging Madonna in front of Velvet Revolver.

Tell me about your band's new CD, the self-titled "Rocky Na$h," where we can hear it, and where we can buy it.

The self-titled "Rocky Na$h" CD digs into the corners of everyone's conscience, you know...that place where you tuck the things you've done under a blanket of rationalization and hope nobody unfolds that experience? It was produced by Preston (who also played drums and bass on it). The music was recorded at our own Bat Cave Studios in Bakersfield, and the vocals and final mix and mastering were done at Dinky Music Studios in Corona CA, which is owned and run by our good friend Billie Stevens from Handsome Devil. I highly recommend any band in So Cal do their recordings there, their website is

The "Rocky Na$h" CD can be purchased online through or just email us at

Tell me about any live appearances scheduled for your band.

We will be performing live on Friday July 29 at Vinny's in Bakersfield along side Acey Slade's project Trash Light Vision. Acey and his band are on tour while his other band, The Murderdolls, wait for Joey Jordinson (Slipknot) to resume their mission. This will be the first time Acey and Preston have been on the same stage since Preston left Dope in the fall of 2000.

What does your band have in store for your fans in the next 12 months?

We are currently filming a video for our first single "Nailed Again." Look for that in the early fall. Also, we are writing new material as a follow up to our current CD.

Feel free to promote your website, your myspace page, your other career, or anything else you'd like that applies to your band.

Go to or and if you live in the So Cal area, check out Rocky Nash on KRAB Radio 106.1 FM every weekday morning on "Meathead and Desi with Rocky Nash." Every weekday from 4 to 6 in the afternoon, you can hear Preston Nash on "The Puck Show" or check out their website as well.

Please share your thoughts on Dimebag Darrell.

I was fortunate to have shared an evening (and too much whiskey) with both Dimebag and Vinnie Paul back in 2000. I worked for an unusually hard and eclectic rock station in Indianapolis, Indiana (WEDJ Rocky 107.1 FM), as they rolled through on tour with Pantera. I was/am a fan of theirs, so it was a pleasure to entertain them the night before the show. As the promotions director for the station, I was used to taking "our" bands to local gentlemen's clubs (how'd they get that name?) every time one was in town. I'll never forget, whiskey not withstanding, how much of an actual gentleman both Dime and Vinnie were. We sat in a room of naked women, many of which were giving pro-bono lap dances to me and the fellas as though their lives depended on it. And, in the midst of all of this, we discussed music, my (then) friend Preston Nash, politics, and the benefits of "dipping" pot instead of smoking it, all while tipping the "freebies" with $100's. They showed respect for the girls doing their jobs. They showed respect for me as their hostess. They showed respect for me as a person in the music industry, and they showed respect for me as a woman. Hell, they even treated me like a human being. And that's all I remember from my awesome night with Dimebag and Vinnie. Because, along with all the talk, we tossed back triple shots of whiskey...hooooo-eeeee! By the way, Dime dipped pot because "Hell, THC is THC no
matter what. And it's the smoke that gets you caught and makes you stink. So dip it. Want some?"