Near Life Experience

This “5 and Dime” interview was conducted via e-mail with NLE guitarist Steve Blaze on February 23, 2005.

Tell me about your band, your sound, yourself and your bandmates.

Near Life Experience-Heavy, Dynamic, Melodic, Powerful, Deep, Layers of Intensity. I am reflective, complicated , spiritual and loyal. My bandmates are my best friends, creative, driven, faithful, and extremely talented.

Tell me about your band’s current, or soon to be released CD, its musical direction, where we can hear it, and where we can buy it?

Working on new cd, our third. Current CD is Day of Silver Sun. The best way to discover us online is,,,, You can buy it online on the sites or

Tell me about your band’s current tour.

Currently playing through La. And Tx.

What does your band have in store for your fans in the next 12 months?

New record, shop a deal, songs for the movie I am starring in and doing soundtrack for.

Feel free to promote anything else you’d like that applies to your band.

The websites tell it all: 3 bands, 3 new records, and a movie.

Please share your thoughts on Dimebag Darrell.

Pantera and Lillian Axe used to play the same circuits before we both got signed. We opened for Ratt and Queensryche in Shreveport and snuck Dime, Rex, and Vinnie in the back of the Colliseum. Also, Dime came to see NLE once, and backstage he paid a guy 20 bucks to eat a moth. He was always very cordial and friendly, an incredibly kind soul.

Dime was not only a performer but a fan of music, down to his core. He loved it and was a true believer in what he did. He lived it 24-7. The world is a lesser place without him in it.