Jon Caspi

Tell me about yourself, your band and your sound.

I'm Jon Caspi, I play guitar and sing. I've lived in Keyport, New Jersey, for about four years now. I love it here, and I wrote an album dedicated to it. My drummer is Jimmy Mizell and Ken Kraut is my bass player. They both grew up here so it's a real Keyport experience. My sound has been called "Alternative Asbury Park." It has the Asbury Park roots in it, plus some alternative pop/punk mixed in.

Tell me about your current CD, "This Town." Also, where we can hear it and where we can buy it.

"This Town" was released to radio in February, and it's been played on over 170 stations nationally. Locally, you can hear it on FM radios stations like 90.5 and 106.3. You can buy my CD at my website and in Keyport at places like Espresso Joe's and Ricci D's.

Tell me about some of your performances scheduled for this summer.

I played in New York City in July at the C-Note in the East Village. I'm at the Seagull's Nest at Sandy Hook in July and August. I'm also playing at The Echo in Red Bank. All the dates are at my website.

What do you have in store for your fans in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months I will have my next CD out. My band and I have already begun recording tracks. We will also continue to perform and hopefully continue to build a fairly rapidly growing following. I also have a cut coming out on a holiday benefit CD for hospices that has national artists on it, and it should be coming out in October.

Feel free to promote your website, your merch, Boss Gremlin or anything else you'd like that applies to your career.

My website is and it has my CDs, t-shirts and it lists all my upcoming shows. Boss Gremlin was the last band I was in. They were on national radio and MTV. I have some of their stuff at my website, and a few compilation CDs are available that they have cuts on.

Please share your thoughts on the senseless murder of Dimebag Darrell.

It's horrible and real sad. Dime had such a great and very unique guitar sound. It's stupid that anyone should be so vulnerable up on stage. One of the downsides of this business is that there are people who are unstable. Look what happened to John Lennon. Once you get to a point where you get a lot of attention, you have to deal with security issues. If musicians are going to play at your venues, then your venue has to provide them the necessary security.