Jim Weider Band II

This "5 and Dime" interview was conducted via e-mail with guitarist Jim Weider on May 8, 2005. Jim's current bands are the Jim Weider Band and the Jim Weider Band II. Jim also played in The Band between 1985 and 2000.

Tell me about the Jim Weider Band II specifically, a bit about yourself, your bandmates and the band's sound.

The new band is playing out my new album "Percolator" completely. We also play some songs from my last two CDs and some brand new songs. Every night we try to play different songs in the set! Randy Ciarlante is on drums, he's been with me for years! Jesse Gress is on guitar, he's played with Tony Levin and Todd Rundgren. Daniel Grimsland is on bass

Tell me about your band's current CD, "Percolator," its musical direction, where we can hear it, and where we can buy it.

The music is groove guitar instrumentals with some funk and jam going on. I had special guest John Medeski on keyboards, also Rodney Holmes on drums and Tony Levin on bass. You can hear the CD on my website at the www.jimweider.com download page and you can buy it on my website on the merch page.

Tell me about your band's touring plans for 2005.

We are always touring throughout the Northeast and we hope to get out West this fall.

What does your band have in store for your fans in the next 12 months?

We are jamming out the new songs and playing them different every time plus adding new songs as we go!

Feel free to promote anything else you'd like that applies to your band.

We just like to see the people out at our live shows. We will be giving live shows /music away soon on my download page so check out my website, www.jimweider.com!

Please share either a story/memory of Dimebag Darrell or your thoughts on his tragic death.

It's just a different world now! It's very tragic that someone would do that without thought or conscience.